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Horse Fetlock Joint Lameness: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Imagine you’ve spent months training your racehorse to get him ready for the next big competition....

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Cat Eye Infection: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Cats have interesting vision. Compared to humans, cats lack the muscles in their eyes that change...

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The Benefits of a Vet Recommended Joint Supplement for Dogs

You’ve just brought home your new puppy. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your new best friend is...

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MSM For Dogs: What is it, and Does Your Dog Need It?

In humans, it’s relatively common knowledge that prolonged use of anti-inflammatory drugs (also...

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What Does It Mean When a Horse Is Lame?

It can be frustrating when your horse is not executing their skills to the best of their ability.

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Dog is Limping But No Pain [Causes, Treatments & Prevention]

It can be scary when we notice our pup has a sudden change in their gait.

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Getting Up to Speed With a Horse Diet for Your Steed

Did you know that horses have small stomachs, which limit the amount of food they can digest? In...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Supplement Manufacturing

As of 2021, the pet supplement market was valued at around $3 billion USD. Considering the fact...

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What Is a Splint Bone Horse and Why Should You Know About It?

There’s nothing worse than seeing your steed limping, hopping, or whinnying in pain. One type of...

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The Importance of Horse Exercise: Benefits, Techniques, and Routines

Jumping in the saddle, holding the reins in your hands, and galloping off into the distance on your...

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