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farrier horse

What Is a Farrier & How to Find a Good One

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Horse Wound Care

Horse Wound Care: Treating and Looking After Equine Injuries

You’ve probably heard of cats being curious, but horses can give their feline friends a run for...

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All About Equine Massage Therapy for Sport Horse Wellness

Picture your favourite human athlete. Whether they are a hockey player, in the NBA, or in the NFL,...

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horse fetlock injury

The Lowdown on How to Handle a Horse Fetlock Injury

Like athletes who experience muscle and joint injuries from too much training and movement,...

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horse care

Horse Care: Tips for Keeping Your Horse Happy and Healthy

Seeing a horse frolicking in a lush field on a warm Summer’s day is a nice treat. But it’s even...

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Tips and Considerations for Buying a Horse

Thinking about buying a horse? Congratulations! Maybe you’re excited about leisurely rides on...

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horse stable considerations

Horse Stable Considerations for Boarding and General Use

In a perfect world, everyone who owns a horse would always keep it on their own property. However,...

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choosing a good race horse trainer

How to Choose a Good Race Horse Trainer: A Step-By-Step Guide

It’s just you and your horse riding on a warm Summer evening with a light breeze taking away the...

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Heat Stroke in Horses: Signs, Symptoms, & Prevention

Summer might be the ideal time to ride your horse, as the sunny weather beckons us outside to enjoy...

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joint supplements for horses

Choosing the Best Joint Supplements for Horses [Leisure & Sport]

The well-being of our horses is our number one priority as loving owners. Everything else is...

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