How to Help an Underweight Cat: Causes and Care Options

If you look online, there are tons of articles about the dangers of your cat being overweight or...

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Cat Paw Infection Signs and Treatments

Cat Paw Infection Signs and Treatments

Most cat owners will joke about the cat distribution system, where a cat will find you and decide...

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Top 6 Animal Supplements [Types, Criteria, & Brands]

Along with getting older and wiser, we can also get a little stiff. It's no different for your pets.

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supplements for cats

A Guide on Supplements for Cats: Types, Benefits, Usage & More

More and more pet owners want to make sure their kitties are getting all the nutrition they need...

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joint supplements for cats

Joint Supplements for Cats: Does My Cat Need One?

Cats are natural daredevils. Climbing to height and jumping down? No problem! Well, sometimes jumps...

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what can you give a cat for pain

What Can You Give a Cat for Pain? [Recommendations, Tips, & More]

It’s a typical morning. Your cat is walking around proudly, tail up in the air, acting like the...

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A Quick Rundown on Pet Probiotic Supplements

Unfortunately for pet parents, upset tummies and vomiting are all too common, whether you’re...

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Cat Eye Infection: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Cats have interesting vision. Compared to humans, cats lack the muscles in their eyes that change...

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A Quick Guide to Cat Probiotics for a Healthy Kitty

There’s nothing worse than when your kitty gets a bout of the stomach bug. Not only is it just...

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What You Need to Know About Cat Pain Management [Symptoms & Treatment]

As loving cat owners, it can be distressing to watch your once nimble and active feline struggle to...

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