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when is a dog considered a senior

When is a Dog Considered a Senior? Breed, Size, and More

It should be easy to tell when your dog has reached or is close to senior status, right?

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Choosing the Best Dog Joint Supplement: Tips & Types

Most dogs have no problems running, jumping, and playing, especially when young. Sometimes, joint...

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Giving a Dog Joint Medicine

Giving a Dog Joint Medicine: Benefits, Types, & More

Not all of us are marathon runners, and neither are our dogs. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t...

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pet wellness

Pet Wellness & Education Tips: Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

Bringing a new puppy, kitten, or rescued adult or senior cat or dog home for the first time is...

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joint supplements for cats

Joint Supplements for Cats: Does My Cat Need One?

Cats are natural daredevils. Climbing to height and jumping down? No problem! Well, sometimes jumps...

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what can you give a cat for pain

What Can You Give a Cat for Pain? [Recommendations, Tips, & More]

It’s a typical morning. Your cat is walking around proudly, tail up in the air, acting like the...

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Best Senior Horse Supplements For Joint Health and Mobility

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but the bond that we can form with our horses can be...

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A Guide to Getting Your Performance Equine to Shine Like a Star

Racing, galloping, parading, and giving it all on the track is a hard job requiring many hours of...

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How to Handle a Dog Holding Front Paw Up and Limping

Everything seems normal after a playdate at the park—that is until you notice that your pooch is...

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A Quick Rundown on Pet Probiotic Supplements

Unfortunately for pet parents, upset tummies and vomiting are all too common, whether you’re...

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