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Physical and Mental Signs of Aging Dog

Think back to when you brought your dog home for the first time. Whether you got your dog when they...

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The Fat Dog Owner’s Guide to Getting Their Pooch in Shape

Obesity is not only a common health risk in humans, pups can experience this condition too,...

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A Quick Guide to Cat Probiotics for a Healthy Kitty

There’s nothing worse than when your kitty gets a bout of the stomach bug. Not only is it just...

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Dog Suddenly Limping Back Leg [Injury Causes, Treatment, & What to Do]

If you notice your pup seems to be struggling with a dog leg injury after a day at the park, you...

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What to Feed a Sick Dog With No Appetite

What to Feed a Sick Dog With No Appetite

Dogs are known for wolfing down almost anything palatable that is put before them. So it can be...

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What is Dressage Horse and How Do You Get Started?

Horse dressage is an intricate dance between a rider and their horse. Fondly referred to as ‘horse...

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best senior dog food

13 Best Senior Dog Food in 2023 for Each Type & Diet

Getting older can be ruff, simply put.

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What You Need to Know About Cat Pain Management [Symptoms & Treatment]

As loving cat owners, it can be distressing to watch your once nimble and active feline struggle to...

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A Quick Guide on Horse Laminitis Supplements & How They Work

As much as we’d like our animals to be healthy and happy all the time, laminitis in horses affects...

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Dog Reverse Sneeze: What is it and How Can You Treat it?

Picture this: you’re quietly relaxing at night with your dog in the room when you suddenly hear a...

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