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Dog Grooming Products: How to Choose the Right Ones

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Your dog bounds towards you at the park, and you brace for their furry, lovable impact. But wait— what’s that smell? Could it be time to hit the dog wash already? And worse yet, yikes! Those claws are getting long, too. Not to mention, they can barely see out from behind their fur. If this sounds like your pup, it’s time to get schooled in the world of dog grooming products and help your pup feel like they just took a trip to the doggie day spa.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the importance of at-home dog groomer products, how to choose the right ones for your pup, the best ways to use them, and how dog grooming products can fit into whole-pup wellness.

Ready to shine up your dog grooming products expertise? Let’s get started!

Why Are Dog Groomer Products Important?

Even if you can access a professional dog groomer regularly, you still have to help your pet complete some basic doggie hygiene at home. A 2020 American Pet Products Association survey revealed that about 41% of dog owners use at-home dog groomer products to take care of their pups' grooming needs.

Each dog is as unique as their fur, and understanding their specific grooming needs is key to keeping them happy and healthy. From the fluffy Bichon Frise to the sleek-coated Greyhound, a grooming routine crafted for your dog's breed ensures they strut their stuff in style.

And with so many people taking doggie self-care home, having the right dog grooming products in your arsenal is crucial. After all, every breed and dog is unique, and using inappropriate dog grooming products can lead to coat problems, cuts, nicks, and potentially allergic reactions. So, taking the time to find out what product and tool lineup is best for your furry pal is step one to good at-home grooming.

Benefits of Dog Grooming Products

The benefits of dog grooming products for your furry friend go beyond a fresh appearance—it's a key aspect of responsible pet care. From enhancing the bond between you and your canine companion to promoting their overall dog health, explore the advantages of a well-groomed pup.

The following table highlights various benefits associated with regular dog grooming and the use of grooming products.

Benefits of Dog Grooming


Improves hygiene

From reducing smell and coat oiliness to ensuring their mouths and ears are clean, a clean dog is happier, and your nose will thank you, too.

Helps you bond with your pet

The grooming process fosters a strong bond between you and your dog, enhancing trust and communication.

Reduces allergens for humans

Reducing the amount of dander and coat your dog is shedding by brushing and grooming them can ease human allergies.

Allows for health monitoring

By regularly getting up close and personal with your pup, you can monitor any changes in their health and appearance, allowing for easy detection of health problems.

Flea and tick prevention

Dog hygiene products, such as flea and tick treatments, aid in preventing infestations and protect your dog from harmful parasites.

Guide to Buying Dog Grooming Products Online and In-Store


Shoppers—start your engines… or should we say carts! Now you have the 101 in dog groomer products and their benefits; it’s time to discuss buying the right products for the job. Embarking on the journey of grooming your beloved canine companion comes with choosing the right products to keep them clean, healthy, and happy. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or a newcomer to the world of dog grooming, the decision to purchase grooming products can be overwhelming.

You really have two choices when it comes to buying dog grooming products—online or in person. As always with a purchase, there are benefits to both.

Buying dog grooming products online has its pros:

  • Easy, convenient, and fast for you, the pet parent, as you don’t have to leave home.
  • You can read many reviews and dive into comments about the products you’re researching.
  • The selection online can be more wide-ranging and diverse than what is on store shelves in your area, especially if you are in a more remote or rural location.

Likewise, so does purchasing dog groomer products in-store:

  • You can physically inspect and evaluate grooming products before making a decision.
  • Get access to in-store experts who know the products they sell and can make recommendations about what is best for you and your pet.
  • Browsing a store can help you find new, interesting products you may have yet to encounter online.

Ultimately, the choice between online and in-store purchases depends on your preferences, schedule, and your dog's specific needs. Many pet parents find a balanced approach effective, combining the convenience of online shopping with occasional in-store visits for hands-on exploration and expert advice. Regardless of your chosen method, staying informed about the latest grooming trends and understanding your dog's unique requirements will guide you toward making the best decisions for their health and well-being.

What to Look For in Dog Hygiene Products

Here are the top 4 things to look for when choosing dog hygiene products and some questions you can ask yourself about dog groomer products when shopping:

  1. Ingredients and quantities: What is in the formula? How much of the actual active ingredients are there inside? Is it going to be effective enough for your pet’s needs?
  2. Quality assurance: What kind of quality is the brand? Does it have any assurance or information about where the ingredients are sourced from?
  3. Reviews from other pet parents: Were you able to see what other pet parents had to say about this product? Was the feedback negative or positive? Did it have relevance to your dog’s breed, age, and lifestyle?
  4. Vet recommendations: Is this product endorsed by a vet or an animal organization? Was it recommended to you by your vet?

By asking yourself these questions, you can help eliminate any fears you may have about choosing the wrong dog hygiene products for your pup. And remember—when it comes to your pet, if you have answered any of the questions above with uncertainty or dissatisfaction, get in touch with your veterinarian since they know your pet best!

How to Identify if Grooming Dog Products Are Safe

Identifying which products are safest for your pup is the most important step in building a good doggie grooming routine. And before you can determine what’s safe for your pup’s s-paw day, you need to know how their skin works.

Dogs have a different kind of skin than humans—it's less acidic, thinner, and lacks sweat glands in most areas, except the footpads. Plus, they've got more hair follicles packed in there than we do. The pH value of a dog's skin is unique and tends to be higher than many other animals. To make things more interesting, the pH can vary depending on where on their body we’re talking about.

That’s why you can’t just use any old human soap, or even your fanciest salon shampoo, on your dog’s coat. Hygiene products made for us humans are designed specifically for our skin's pH. So, using these products on your furry friend can mess with their skin balance, making it easier for nasties in the environment to cause trouble.

The big takeaway here? When shopping for dog hygiene products, make sure they are just that – designed for dogs.

Additionally, you can watch out for the following ingredients when you’re cruising the aisles of your pet store for safe dog grooming products:

  • Parabens like propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben
  • Ethanolamines like diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, and triethanolamine
  • Surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Artificial scents and colours

Okay, so you know what is no good for your sweet pupper, but what should you look for in dog wash products?

Here are some ingredient label heroes to know below before you get shopping:

  • Oatmeal
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lactic acid
  • Urea
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lanolin
  • Biotin

When It’s Worth Opting For Luxury Dog Grooming Products


We all like to splurge and occasionally treat ourselves to a nice high-end self-care product, so should we do the same for our pups? That’s a question that can only be answered by your personal preferences, budget, and pets' needs.

The table below should help you decide whether or not it’s worth the splurge for your pup the next time you’re picking up dog grooming products.


Luxury Dog Grooming Products

Regular Dog Grooming Products


  • Premium ingredients or materials and craftsmanship can mean longer-lasting products or more effective application
  • Innovative designs and advanced technology can make grooming easier and more efficient at home
  • More luxe experience for both the dog and owner
  • Cost-effective
  • Widely accessible
  • Mostly functional for basic grooming tasks
  • Tool parts (i.e. clipper heads) are easy and cheaper to replace if damaged or worn out


  • Higher price point
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Not necessarily essential for basic grooming tasks
  • Tools may require additional maintenance or upkeep, and replacement parts may be expensive
  • Potential to be paying for overpriced branding
  • May lack advanced features
  • The quality of ingredients may vary and/or be more likely to cause allergic reactions
  • Tools may have a shorter lifespan compared to high-end
  • Doesn’t offer more than the basic cleaning and grooming experience to your pup

Whether you go for the fancy high-end stuff or the budget-friendly options, each has its perks and downsides. It all boils down to what you care about most and how much you want to spend. So, pick what suits you and your pup best! And when in doubt—ask your vet. They will be most able to identify what your pup really needs, whether that’s sticking with the basics or opting for a specialty product to get the job done.

Recommended Professional Dog Grooming Products

Alright, the time has finally come. You’re going to gather up your arsenal of dog grooming products and get your pup looking like they’re ready for Westminster. But, much like cooking the perfect meal or acing a home improvement DIY, you need to set yourself up for success by getting the right tools in order.

Prepare for a paws-itively awesome home dog grooming experience by gathering a toolkit including:

  1. Dog grooming brushes
  2. Dog wash products
  3. Fur trimmer or clippers
  4. Nail clippers

How do you choose these items, or how do they fit into the grand grooming scheme? Let’s discuss it!

High-Quality Brush

Whether you go beyond a simple brush in your dog grooming products routine or not, it’s possibly the most important part of any doggie self-care routine.

Brushing your dog is a key step in getting your pup looking good and promoting healthy skin and hair by distributing natural oils that add smoothness and shine to the coat. Beyond aesthetics, brushing is a proactive measure, as it can expose and help prevent issues like fleas and ticks, contributing to your furry friend's overall comfort and health. And shedding breeds know it’s the only way to reduce the time spent cleaning up hair tumbleweeds in the corners of your home!

In order to provide your pup with the best brushing experience possible, be sure you’re using the right brush(es) to get the job done. The table below outlines the most common types of dog grooming products that brush fur.

Type of Dog Grooming Brush

Best For

Slicker Brush

Dogs with curly, wire, or medium-length fur who require upkeep to prevent mats from forming or need help breaking up a mat

Bristle Brushes

Getting rid of loose hair and dander on short-coated dogs, and as a finishing brush for double-coated dogs

Undercoat Rakes

Dogs with double coats need deep penetration to get rid of mats, dander, and loose fur.

Pin Brushes

Doing the finishing touches on long-coated breeds to smooth hair and remove dirt. Additionally, they prove effective in untangling the fur of wire-coated dogs.

Flea Combs

Eliminating fleas with finely spaced teeth allows you to work through the coat slowly and prevent flea problems.

Dog Wash Products

Don’t work yourself into a lather over which dog wash products are best for your pup – it’s actually more simple than you think.

Typically, dog wash products are divided into three categories:

  1. Shampoos: Applied first to wash your dog’s fur and skin
  2. Conditioners: Applied second to soothe dry fur and skin
  3. Post-wash grooming sprays and treatments: Applied to dry or damp fur, depending on the product, as a final step.

Once you have a handle on the types of dog wash products, you have to choose the right mix for your sweet furball. With so many options on the market, choosing the right combo for your dog can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you and your vet know your dog best and can use that to your advantage when shopping!

For example, if your dog has dry skin, you can seek dry-skin-friendly formulas that contain colloidal oatmeal in the shampoo and conditioner and ensure you have a hydrating final step with some finishing spray for sensitive skin. Alternatively, if you have a dog with inflamed skin thanks to itchy hot spots, looking for shampoo and conditioner with aloe vera can help.

Fur Trimmer

When it comes to choosing the right dog fur clippers for your home grooming adventures, it's all about finding the perfect match for you and your furry sidekick. Think about your pup's fur type and your grooming goals. Whether your buddy is rocking a curly, short, or long coat, clippers are out there just waiting to make your DIY grooming sessions a breeze.

When you’re shopping around for a dog trimmer for your dog, keep a few of these factors in mind when selecting the right pair for your pup:

  • How easy it is to use and handle
  • Whether it is cordless or not
  • How loud it is on you and your pup’s ears
  • Whether it has the settings appropriate for your dog’s grooming needs and fur type

Nail Clippers

If you’ve never clipped your own pup’s nails before, we can probably guess why. In one word – intimidating! Giving a paw-dicure to your pup can be a challenge – and it can be even more frustrating if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

The best nail clippers for at-home dog grooming should be easy to use and safe for at-home clipping. Better yet, find a pair that is well-reviewed online before you grab the first pair of clippers you see at the store. That way, your dog's clipping experience feels less like a wrestling match with an alligator and more like a pain-free, stress-free experience for your dog.

Once you have the nail clippers right for you (and your dog), here are a few things you can do to make the process a little bit easier:

  • Get a licky mat to help keep them occupied and calm
  • Choose a time when they are not already stressed out or anxious to clip their nails
  • Don’t go it alone! Ask a partner, friend, or family member for assistance
  • Ask your vet about calming products to help them relax during your trimming sessions

Additional Dog Health Recommendations: Mobility Support

They say you can only look as good as you feel, and that’s true for our furry friends. That’s why it’s so important to address pet problems we can see, like nails that could use a trim or a smelly coat, and actively treat and prevent pet health problems on the inside, like mobility issues.

If your pup can’t run, jump, and show off its shiny coat and pearly whites, a day at the s-paw isn’t the only thing they need. In order to truly support pet wellness, they need a mobility and joint support aid like TRI-ACTA for Pets.

This blend of powerhouse ingredients, including glucosamine for dogs, works to combat joint pain and degradation as well as:

  • Support the well-being of cartilage
  • Sustain collagen and connective tissue health
  • Safeguard joint tissues
  • Alleviate stiffness

TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets

Our maximum strength formula is optimally designed to accelerate the formation of cartilage, minimize inflammation, expedite the healing process, and improve joint conditions.


For senior pups and those with existing joint troubles, TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets is the perfect complement to a solid dog grooming and care routine. It has all the goodness of TRI-ACTA for Pets, with the addition of hyaluronic acid to help their old dog joints feel young and healthy again. How, you ask? H.A. is a powerful ingredient that helps improve the viscosity of synovial fluid for more cushy, protected joints.

By ensuring your pup is feeling their best from the inside out, whether they are old, young or somewhere in between, your dog will be best in show…even if it’s just in your heart!

Start Pawsitively Pampering Your Pets

Ah, don’t you practically feel how refreshed and relaxed your dog will feel after you get all the right dog grooming products in your lineup? And when thinking about their whole health and wellness, don’t forget to think about their joint health, too.

That includes preventative maintenance and care for your pup right at the source, and it takes the best ingredients to really make your dog jump for joy for years to come. Don’t trust your dog’s joint health to any product other than Integricare’s TRI-ACTA for Pets and TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets. These joint supplements for dogs can not only improve the health and mobility of dogs with existing pain but also help complement your dog grooming routine by contributing to healthier joints now and in the future. Now that’s something to bark home about!

TRI-ACTA for Pets

A proactive approach for developing and younger adult pets to maintain optimal joint health mobility, minimize inflammation and fend off age-related ailments.