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Equine Mobility Exercises and Boredom Busters | Tri-Acta Equine

For those who don’t travel south in the winter, the equine mobility issues that present during...

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Dogs, Their Diets, and Wolf Ancestry

Have you ever considered how the ingredients are chosen by companies that formulate supplements for...

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Equine Osteoarthritis: Equine Mobility & Horse Joint Health in Winter

According to an article by The Horse, 60% of lameness in horses is related to equine...

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Pet Health Insurance: What You Should Know | Tri-Acta for Pets

Have you ever considered the importance of health insurance for pets?

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Equine Performance & Behaviour Monitoring | Tri-Acta Equine

The arrival of a New Year can mean new beginnings and new opportunities. For some, it’s a time of...

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Canine Hip Dysplasia | Tri-Acta for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Dandy is an 18-month-old standard poodle. Last month, X-rays revealed minor canine hip dysplasia in...

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Osteoarthritis in Cats

Could your cat be suffering from feline osteoarthritis? Cats are renowned for their nimble movement...

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