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Cats (6)

cat sprained leg

Top 9 Tips On How To Prevent And Treat Cat Sprained Leg

Have you noticed that your cat has been limping? Has she also been more sensitive and maybe acting...

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Muscle Animal - How To Maintain Your Pet’s Muscle Health [A Complete Guide]

For every dog, cat, and horse owner, making sure their beloved animal is fit, healthy and happy is...

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cat limping is more serious than you think

The Reason Why Your Cat Limping Can Be More Serious Than You Think

Humans have adored and spoiled pet cats for thousands of years. Egyptians worshipped their cats and...

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Feline Arthritis Management Through Supplements

Feline Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Diseases in Cats Did you know that much like humans, our...

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Raw Diet For Pets: Myths, Facts, and Nutritional Values of Raw Food

What Is A Raw Food Diet? Typically a raw food diet entails food that has not been processed in any...

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Why Is My Cat Limping? Sprains, Muscle Tears, and Injuries in Cats

Cats tend to be independent creatures (in comparison to dogs) and are adept at hiding their...

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Allergies In Pets: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Allergies are something that people tend to struggle with and suffer from due to a number of...

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Considerations for Joint Health of Aging Cats

Any cat owner can attest to the fact that cats are a tricky species in general. That is especially...

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Osteoarthritis in Cats

Could your cat be suffering from feline osteoarthritis? Cats are renowned for their nimble movement...

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Helpful Animal Health Resources

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