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What to Know About Building the Perfect Horse Grooming Kit

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Imagine you had to go several months without a shower. You’d feel pretty icky, right?

Well, it’s the same for horses when you don’t groom them often enough. When horses don’t get regular grooming, they start to feel icky too. On top of that, they can develop or become more likely to develop infections and sicknesses.

Besides, grooming helps you develop a bond with your horse by showing them affection and helping them feel good!


This guide goes in-depth about more of the reasons why you should use horse grooming kits. Plus, we’ve thrown in a rundown of all the horse grooming set essentials!

What Are Horse Grooming Kits?

A horse grooming kit is a collection of all the essential tools you need to groom and pamper your horse. It’s usually a bag or a small toolbox containing a set of brushes, detanglers, shampoo, and everything else you feel you might need while grooming your equines.

Because everything is secured in a single bag or box, you won’t have to worry about forgetting an essential tool when it’s time to groom your horse. Having an all-in-one grooming kit also saves you the time of always having to go to the equestrian store to gather supplies (and depending on where you live, these shops can be few and far between!)

Why You Need a Grooming Kit for Your Horse

A grooming kit is important because it equips you with the tools to keep your horse clean, healthy, and happy. Kits contain the essentials needed for brushing and gussying up your horse, all in one easy-to-carry box.

Besides making sure you’ve got all the necessities to keep your horse clean and happy, grooming kits have a couple of other benefits:

  • Bonding time with your horse
  • Boosts your horse’s mood
  • Serves as preventative medicine

Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Bonds You and Your Horse

Physical touch is an important part of bonding with your horse. One expert suggests that grooming is an important way to build a communication system between you and your horse—one that you both understand. This “horse-logical” language, in part, focuses on the horse’s responses during grooming and prioritizing spots where it loves to be scratched to help you develop a strong bond. Horses usually show pleasure by moving their upper lip or arching or stretching their neck, so you can learn exactly where your horse enjoys a good scratch!

Boosts Your Horse’s Mood

Another big reason to groom your horse is that it makes your horse happier. When your horse is happy, his productivity increases. The result is that you can wind up having more successful horse training sessions and a better riding experience in general.

Serves As Preventive Medicine

Aside from making sure your horse looks good, grooming is also a form of preventive medicine. It helps improve blood flow to the animal’s skin and massages its large horse muscle groups to prevent muscle fatigue and sprain.

Maintaining your horse’s hooves via a farrier and keeping their stall clean also helps protect your horse’s hooves from thrush, a common bacterial hoof infection. Thrush can be painful and even fatal in horses, so keeping this at bay is definitely a good move.

Pairing horse grooming with key supplements like TRI-ACTA is a real win-win situation. TRI-ACTA gives your horse key nutrients that help decrease stiffness and improve mobility, just like grooming does. While TRI-ACTA is a great supplement to start your horse on immediately, even if he doesn’t have any joint issues, TRI-ACTA H.A. is a great option for older horses or horses that have already experienced or are experiencing joint issues. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, TRI-ACTA H.A. is great for horses that are aging, experiencing arthritis and stiffness, are in training and competition, or are often under a heavy workload.

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Horse Grooming Set Essential Supplies

Now that you’ve got a good grasp on why you need a grooming kit, let’s talk about what should go in it.

The good news is that your grooming kit doesn’t need to be fancy. As long as it contains all the tools you need, you’re fine. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll typically want to pack in your horse grooming kit:


Horse Grooming Tool


Curry Comb

Loosens shedding hair and removes debris

Dandy Brush

Removes heavily-loose hair after curry-combing

Hoof Pick

Removes dirt, manure, and dry mud from the horse’s hooves

Soft Brush

For smoothening hair and adding shine

Mane and tail brush

For brushing the horse’s mane to prevent it from being tangled

Sponge/Soft Cloth

For removing stains and cleaning the horse’s eyes, nose and ears

Equine Hair Products

Cleans, detangles and protects your horse’s hair

Curved Scraper

For swiping off the water off of your horse after a bath

Curry Comb

A curry comb is a brushing tool with soft numbs or rubber teeth. Its main task is to loosen and remove shedding hair and debris from the horse’s body to improve blood flow and circulation to skin and muscles.

Curry–combing is the equivalent of a gentle massage in humans. Because the rubber teeth on the comb are soft and delicate, this is usually the first tool you’ll use during your horse’s grooming session.

Here are a couple of the benefits of using a curry comb:

  1. Can remove stubborn mud, dried-on dirt, grit, and manure from the horse’s body
  2. Removes debris or dirt trapped underneath the horse’s halter and saddle
  3. Serves as a relaxing massage session for the horse after racing or engaging in competition or a heavy workout
  4. Allows you to check for abrasions, scratches, or cuts that should be treated immediately to avoid becoming more serious skin conditions

Dandy Brush

Whereas a curry comb has soft bristles, a dandy brush is the complete opposite. This horse grooming tool has long and stiff plastic bristles for deeper cleaning. It’s mainly used to remove the hair, debris, and dirt that were stirred up during curry combing.

Dandy brushes can also be used to remove dried mud from your animal’s legs and hooves. There’s also a wide variety of brush coarseness, so you have ample options for finding one that is comfortable for your horse. Some horses have thinner skin and, as a result, find the coarser brushes uncomfortable.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use a dandy brush:

  1. Grip the brush and use it in short strokes toward the direction of the animal’s hair growth
  2. Avoid the flanks where horse hair will likely have a different growth pattern
  3. You can also spray water on the bristles like a water brush and wet your horse’s hair

Hoof Pick

This is probably the most important tool you should have in your horse grooming kit. Hoof picks are designed to clean the horse’s hooves, which are essential to keep the animal physically healthy. Some equestrians also use it to remove snow accumulated under the horse’s hooves during winter.

Hoof horse injuries can be pretty devastating and can put your horse out of commission for lengthy periods of time. Hoof-picking can also help detect possible hoof problems that can worsen when not treated right away.

Picking and cleaning your horse’s hooves should always be done regularly, before and after a show or a training session.

Here are a few tips for picking and cleaning your horse’s hooves:

  • You must pick up the animal’s foot so you are able to clean the inside of the hoof
  • When cleaning the frog and the areas around it, be careful not to scrape it
  • Always inspect the hooves for any punctures, wounds, or signs of infection
  • Use the hoof picks tip to scrape out debris, dirt, manure, or mud inside the hoof

Soft Brush

A soft brush is next after currying your horse and using a dandy brush for deeper cleaning. Soft brushes have finer bristles that are closely positioned to be more efficient in removing finer dirt and dust.

Some horse owners also use a soft brush to smooth out the horse’s hair as well as add more shine to the animal’s coat. This is because the soft brush stimulates natural oil production. Soft brushes come in various shapes and sizes, and their bristles are typically made of synthetic or natural fibers.

If your horse is more sensitive, you might want to try getting soft brushes with medium to soft bristles.

Mane and Tail Brush

Next up is the mane and tail brush. The main purpose of a mane and tail brush is to protect and keep the horse’s mane soft and smooth. It also helps in ensuring the mane hair does not get matted or tangled. Some owners use it to style their horse’s hair.

Mane and tail brushes usually have fine bristles that are not too harsh on the horse’s mane. The brushes can be effective when you use them in a fully sweeping motion because the movement can flatten the horse’s mane instantly. This leaves your horse’s mane smooth, sleek, and tangle-free!

Sponge or Soft Cloth

Soft cloths or sponges are horse grooming tools used to clean the horse’s ears and noses, which are more delicate areas. Alternatively, these tools can work to clean wounds.

To use the sponge or soft cloth, follow these steps:

  1. Dampen the sponge before applying it to the horse
  2. If you’re cleaning more delicate areas, you need to use a smaller sponge in gentler motions
  3. Large cloths are better used for bigger areas alongside broader movements
  4. After cleaning an area, wash the sponge before using it on a new area

Equine Hair Products

After using different brushes to remove dirt and debris from your horse, you should wash his hair with equine hair products.

If you think you can just grab your own shampoo and conditioner from your shower, hold your horses!

The hair composition, thickness, and quality of human vs. horse hair are very different. Moreover, human hair products can cause debris to build up on a horse’s hair over time.

When you do pick up horse hair products, make sure you have these three products on hand:

  1. Detangler
  2. Shampoo
  3. Conditioner

The detangler helps ensure there are no knots or tied-up hair, while the shampoo helps with providing a shine and a fragrant scent. The equine conditioner mainly makes the horse’s hair appear smoother and bouncier.

We also suggest using a silicone-based hair-shining product because this can create a stain barrier and keeps the horse’s main and tail slick and shiny. The product also helps with preventing the animal’s hair from becoming brittle.

Curved Scraper

Finally, you’ll want to have a curved scraper in your horse grooming kit. A curved scraper works to remove excess water after bathing. It also helps your horse’s hair dry faster.

Remember, you want to avoid anything with metal or plastic edges when looking for a curved scraper. These materials are stiff and can damage your horse’s coat and cause overall discomfort. Instead, look for curved scrapers with rubber edges because the rubber material is softer and more delicate.

Additional Horse Grooming Supplies

Aside from the core list, there are some extra supplies you can throw into your horse grooming kit. All of these can help make your horse’s grooming experience just that much better.

A couple of items you might want to think about include:

  • Scissors or clippers – can clean the horse’s whiskers, fetlocks, and manes
  • Pulling comb – pull and detangle horse mane, best for animals involved in jumping, hunting, and dressage
  • Grooming spray – helps in making your horse’s coat look shinier and less tangled
  • Shedding blade – composed of tiny metal teeth to help with removing loosened hair
  • Fly spray – effective in repelling flies and fleas from your horse

4 Key Grooming Horse Kit Tips


If it’s your first time grooming your horse, all those supplies can be a bit overwhelming. With all the brushes inside your kit, you might not know where to start!

However, don’t panic. Grooming a horse takes patience and determination to get used to. With time, both you and your horse will look forward to grooming. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Always Have the Core Tools

A successful grooming session happens when you have the right tools on hand. There’s a reason why you need different types of brushes. They have various bristles and bristle textures designed to meet different purposes.

If you don’t have one of the essential brushes, it might be difficult to remove dirt and debris from the deeper areas if the bristles are too fine or delicate. Or, you increase the likelihood of scratching your horse if you use a tool that is too coarse.

To make your job easier, make sure you’ve got the right tools on hand before starting. That way, you’ll be able to clean your horse without a hitch!

2. Don’t Opt for a Cheap Horse Grooming Kit

We get it. Buying an entire horse grooming kit with all the necessary supplies can be expensive. When you see cheaper alternatives, it can be really tempting to go for those instead. But buying cheaper products isn’t always the best option.

Often, the quality is not ideal when a particular tool is more affordable. As a result, you’ll wind up having to constantly replace your tools. This means you’re likely to spend more than buying a single, more expensive item.

If the quality of the brushes is off, you might find that the bristles are either too stiff or too coarse. This is not good for your horse. The animal might feel uncomfortable during grooming, or he can find the session to be a little rough.

Bad brushes can also cause scratches and wounds that are not good for the equine. Remember that grooming is essential to keep the horse healthy and thriving. If you make the experience harsh or uncomfortable, your horse might dread the next grooming session.

3. Organize Your Kit

Organizing your kit is another big part of ensuring you have a successful grooming session with your horse.

The tool arrangement inside the kit mainly depends on how you proceed with your horse’s grooming session. Perhaps you always use the curry comb first. Or, maybe you prefer washing the horse’s coat with hair products first.

Regardless of what your style is, learn to arrange the tools in the best way possible, making the session quicker and more convenient. It’s always best to prep what’s inside a day before the grooming session to ensure all the tools you need are there.

4. Keep Everything Clean

After using the brushes and before placing them back in the kit, clean them. You need to check whether the bristles are free of debris, dirt, mud, or manure that can stick to the bag or toolbox where your other supplies are.

Not only does this save you time cleaning your brushes right before the grooming session, but it also helps with reducing possible cross-contamination, especially when you own multiple horses. Clean brushes also ensure they can effectively remove dirt and debris from your horse’s coat.

Additional Health Considerations

Grooming is a big part of keeping your horse healthy and happy. However, it’s definitely not the only part of horse care. Aside from grooming, providing healthy nutrition and mobility supplements for your equine can significantly help your horse.

Equine joint supplements, in particular, contain additional minerals and vitamins they need for their bodies to remain strong and healthy while moving. For instance, horse supplements like TRI-ACTA give younger horses the support to grow healthier. This supplement contains 100% active ingredients that help prevent joint degeneration as the horse ages.

TRI-ACTA for Equine

Providing preventative support for younger horses and helping mitigate the early onset of joint degeneration and other mobility issues.


All these things keep your horse in mint condition so that both of you can continue enjoying getting out and on the track!



A horse grooming kit is important for keeping your horse healthy, happy, and clean. With regular grooming sessions, you can prevent your horse from developing infections or illnesses and can also increase the bond between you and your horse!

When putting together a horse grooming kit, make sure that you’ve got key brushes, tools to remove debris from your horse’s hooves, and equine hair products. You can also throw in items like scissors and fly spray if you want to go the extra mile. With these items in hand, you’re ready to keep your horse looking and feeling his best!

Another key way to keep your horse looking and feeling his best is to introduce equine supplements into his diet. Check out TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA H.A. today to keep your horse at peak performance!