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Choosing the Best Pet Joint Supplement: A How-To Guide

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Everyone knows pets contribute a great deal of happiness for their humans. In fact, owning a dog or cat has been proven to have many benefits for human health like, reducing overall anxiety, stress, depression, and high blood pressure.

That is why a beloved pet's sickness can be an absolutely devastating blow — and not just physically. The average lifetime veterinary cost could run pet owners between $25K - $73K CAD for dogs and $19K - $59K CAD for cats – yikes!


Note that the treatment of arthritis and other joint-related ailments are noted predominantly on the veterinary costs list.

It is therefore not uncommon for pet parents to experience caregiver burden when confronted with the challenge of caring for a sick pet. Though not all ailments can be prevented or cured, most joint-related ailments affecting your four-legged buddy are preventable through healthy diets, exercise, and pet joint supplements.

Pet joint supplements are effective in keeping your furbabies healthy, happy, and mobile.

So what is all the fuss about pet joint supplements?

We’ve put together this article to take a closer look at what pet joint supplements are, what to look for in a quality supplement, plus a bonus review of some supplements available on the market today.

Let's get into it.

When Should I Give My Dog or Cat a Pet Joint Supplement?

As mentioned earlier, supplements are a great preventative measure for supporting your pet's joint health. Healthy joints keep your pups and furry felines active and moving.

The pet supplement manufacturing market has evolved over the years. Nowadays, there are pet joint supplements for pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

But before you delve into shopping for a joint pet supplement, remember

  • Always work with your vet to determine your pet's nutritional and overall health needs. That way, they can recommend the best supplement for your furry buddy.
  • Lower expectations. Supplements are not magic wands–we certainly wish they were–meaning it will take some time before you notice the changes.
  • Many supplement ingredients are derived from known allergens such as soy or chicken. So keep in mind if your pet has allergies or sensitivity to any of these.

Naturally, as pets age, their bodies give in to wear and tear–as do all things over time- but by introducing a supplement regiment, you can slow down the process of joint degradation.

Joint supplements contain ingredients that help keep joint tissues and bones healthy.

Joint supplements also play a crucial role in maintaining the mobility of joints by promoting the growth and maintenance of cartilage and keeping the synovial fluid healthy.

Several reasons to give your pet supplements

1. Health conditions

Joint problems in pets are caused by either developmental or degenerative joint conditions. Unfortunately, some dog breeds and cats are more prone to joint health conditions that may cause lifelong challenges.

Based on the type of pet breed you have, your veterinarian may recommend supplements as a way to manage joint health conditions and keep your pet mobile and comfortable.

While dog mobility concerns seem more common, cat mobility concerns can also lead to the deterioration of their joint health. For example:

In the case of the above-mentioned medical conditions, joint supplements can play an essential role in helping to manage or reduce the effects of the disease on your pet's mobility.

2. Proactive measures

In many instances, most joint-related conditions are diagnosed when pets are older or when joint problems begin to manifest.

Pet health resource studies have shown that cats and dogs are predisposed to getting some form of degenerative joint disorder (DJD) –such as osteoarthritis–at some point in their lives. 20% of all dogs are potentially at risk of DJD, while cats have a more grim prognosis. Of every ten cats, 4-9 will experience a form of DJD.

Thus the best approach is to catch and prevent joint damage before it happens. After all, prevention is always better than cure. So you can proactively introduce joint supplements into your pet's daily regimen and save them from future discomfort and pain.

Some joint supplements like TRI-ACTA are safe for puppies from 16-20 weeks old. Supplements are a winner for dogs predisposed to joint problems like hip dysplasia. So starting puppies off early in life supports proper growth and development of joints during maturation. This reduces the chances of developing the condition later on in their life.

3. Recovery from surgery

The recovery time can be especially challenging for your pet. Besides getting a lot of rest and a balanced diet, supplements positively impact recovery from surgery.

Joint supplements contain potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help reinforce recovery and boost the immune system.

Giving joint supplements to your furry buddy is an effective way to minimize complications affecting vulnerable pets like post traumatic arthritis. Glucosamine and chondroitin are effective in promoting the growth of cartilage and keeping joints moving, which is critical in reducing or delaying the chances of developing such kind of arthritis.

With your vet's approval, you can give glucosamine for dogs to help your favorite canine recover quickly from surgery.

4. Recovery from illness or Injury

Pets can suffer from illnesses and traumatic injuries. The healing properties of joint supplement components are tremendously therapeutic in the recovery process of both dogs and cats.

Your veterinarian may recommend using joint supplements to help your pet recover faster from an illness or injury and manage pain. Supplements also keep inflammation in check and maintain an overall response to injury.

Your feline BFF can benefit from glucosamine for cats and have a faster recovery time.

The Various Forms of Pet Joint Supplements

The Various Forms of Pet Joint Supplements

Pet joint supplements come in all shapes and sizes. The mode of drug delivery determines to a large extent, the form of the supplement. Pets are probably not big fans of taking medicine, let alone daily supplement doses.

Pet supplement companies consider several factors when creating pet supplements:

  1. Ease of storage and transportation
  2. Cost of production
  3. Types of active ingredients
  4. Dosage to be administered

Pet supplements are made in different forms, including:

  • Powders
  • Liquid
  • Chews
  • Capsules
  • Injectable

Let us take a look at each of these types and see whether they have any advantage over the other and why they are made like that in the first place.


The pet joint supplements in powder form are easy to administer. They come with a measuring scoop and directions on dosage. Powders are especially great because they can be easily disguised in your pet's food —especially with yummy bone broth!




  • Typically more active ingredients, less filler
  • Some contain excipients that have no added nutritional value for your pet and are often undesirable
  • Easy to administer and can be mixed with all types of dog food from kibble to raw diets
  • May include sweeteners to enhance flavor. Sweeteners may not be suitable for pets battling chronic ailments like diabetes or diseases aggravated by elevated blood pressure.
  • Easy to transport and store, without the worry of liquid spills
  • High bioavailability. Powders are highly absorbable and have a fast uptake when they enter the body



Joint supplements in liquid form often come with a pipette or syringe for ease of administration. Liquid supplements are similar to their powdered counterparts but have the added benefit of being mixed in with a liquid.

The majority of liquid supplements are given in the pets’ food to prevent cases of gastrointestinal irritation




  • Liquids can be more potent than other types of pet supplement forms
  • Often contains excipients like stabilizers to enhance shelf life
  • It is easy to administer liquid supplements either directly or by adding it to your pets’ food or water
  • Some pet supplement ingredients are insoluble and cannot be given in liquid form
  • Easy to give large doses of active ingredients as needed
  • Traveling with this type can lead to some potentially messy spills


Joint pet supplements can be made into soft chews. The nature of chews can lend them to be received almost like a treat for your pet. Chew tablets also have an effective delivery system, making them one of the manufacturers' most preferred supplement forms.




  • May be lacking in some essential minerals like magnesium and zinc since the taste is hard to disguise
  • Easy to administer.
  • Contains sweeteners and artificial flavors to make them more appealing to pets
  • They come in many flavors and pets may be more willing to take a chew because it often tastes like a treat
  • Contains additional fillers that would be otherwise unnecessary in a different format


Capsules or tablets are another common form for pet supplements. A capsule consists of powdery ingredients encompassed in an outer shell or casing. Capsule casings for pet supplements are made from either animal gelatin or pure plant-based cellulose.

When ingested, the capsule covering disintegrates in the digestive system allowing the capsule contents to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.




  • Capsule shell masks ingredient odors like fish oil
  • High-dose delivery may be challenging with multiple capsules required
  • Capsule casing protects delicate ingredients from pre-mature digestion before being absorbed
  • Larger capsules may be challenging to swallow, or your pet may downright refuse to swallow
  • May reduce gastrointestinal irritation that can result from supplement ingredients
  • May need to hide the pill in a “pill pocket” like a treat to disguise the pill


Some pet supplements are made in injectable form and delivered intravenously. Injectables are great at delivering supplements in larger doses. Injectables are also great for pets that are not willing to take oral supplements of any kind.

Though often given at the vet's office, injectables are a convenient way of giving occasional pet supplements delivered directly to target sites. For example, joint pet supplements can be injected directly into target muscles or joint tissue for maximum effect.




  • May require administration by a professional
  • Control of administration rate
  • Potential risk of infection
  • Can deliver high doses of select ingredients quickly and effectively
  • Invasive and can be uncomfortable or even painful for your pet
  • Can be costly

How to Administer a Pet Joint Supplement


You’ve chosen your preferred format for a pet joint supplement, next is the grueling task of administering it to a potentially supplement-loathing furbaby.

Ideally, the best pet supplement is one with zero filler like TRI-ACTA. The great thing about zero filler supplements is that you only require a small amount of it and your beloved pet may not even notice the supplement in their food.

However, pawrents of finicky eaters sometimes opt to wrap/cover supplements in alternative food options like cheese and peanut butter.

Tips to remember when administering pet joint supplements when using food options:

  • Go easy on the cheese. Use the least amount of cheese since some pets can be lactose intolerant. Also remember that cheese has high-fat content that could cause other health complications–like obesity– if used regularly. If you must use cheese, parmesan is a great option. It has a strong and palatable scent that easily masks any supplement smell.
  • Choose xylitol free peanut butter. Xylitol is highly toxic to pets, especially dogs. So if you choose to use peanut butter ensure that it is pet friendly.
  • Do not crush tablets into powder or remove the ingredients from a capsule. Tablets and capsules are insulated with a film to make them palatable and hide the taste of the ingredients. If your pet already hates taking supplements, they will not like the ‘real’ taste of supplements in their food.

Now, back to the administering part.

Any experienced pet parent will admit that cats and dogs are not the biggest fans of taking supplements, especially pet supplements in capsule or tablet form. Many pet lovers are often left fuming and miffed from harrowing tales of bleeding arms, spit-out supplements, and unvanquished pets.

So here are several methods you can use to ‘trick’ your furbaby into taking their supplements.

Recommendations for Dogs

Dogs are often very forgiving and trusting. They will let you trick them repeatedly into taking a supplement. Canines of all ages, sizes, and breeds should be taking joint supplements for dogs to keep their limbs fluid and healthy.

There are several ways you can use to give your dog supplements. Let’s explore.

Use Pill Pockets

Pill pockets are great for dogs of all sizes. They come in different flavors that mask the taste of the supplement or even medicine. Pill pockets are practical because they resemble treats that your pet already loves.

If you do not have pill pockets, just wrap the supplement in something yummy that you know your dog will willingly take.

Hide supplements in your pets’ food

You could easily hide powders or liquid supplements in your pet's food, especially if it is wet dog food.

If they’re snuffing it out when feeding them kibble, consider using a bit of bone broth or water to mix in the supplement further.

Trick em with a treat

Use a highly desirable treat to trick your dog into taking supplements. If ultra picky, offer him a plain treat first and hold the supplement inside another treat. After he takes the plain treat, quickly give them the treat with the supplement and be sure to praise him for being the goodest boy.

Hopefully, your dog will be too excited about the treats to notice your mischief.

This technique works best if you only have one supplement to give. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on treats only to negate some health benefits. Your canine will be delighted, no doubt, but your wallet won't.

Recommendation for Cats

Though the techniques mentioned above work for cats as well as they do for dogs, beware. Cats are far less forgiving and can be notoriously uncooperative.

Often these bossy felines will not let you trick them twice. Even though maintaining good cat health is essential, cats are not keen on orally consuming supplements or medicine.

Reward your furry buddy with a treat and give them some cuddles to affirm their good behavior once they successfully swallow the supplement.

If your dog or cat completely refuses to take supplements orally, your pharmacy can create a special flavored liquid from combined supplement ingredients. They can also turn some supplements into treats with alluring flavors or into special gels which can be rubbed on the ear flaps.

Good luck.

Criteria for Purchasing a Pet Joint Supplement

Joint supplements are such a crucial part of long-term mobility for our pets that food alone will not be able to provide them with.

Let’s get into some of the criteria you should be aware of before selecting a supplement brand.

High-Quality Ingredients

Some ingredients to keep an eye out for in high-quality joint supplements for pets:

Supplement Ingredient


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

  • Reduces inflammation and joint pain
  • Is an antioxidant that reduces cell damage
  • Supports healthy skin and coat

Chondroitin Sulphate

  • Supports production and maintenance of healthy cartilage
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stabilizes collagen and
  • Enhances elasticity of connective tissue
  • Increases the amount of hyaluronic acid, and improves quantity of synovial fluid


  • Inhibits inflammation and slows down cartilage breakdown
  • Aids in cartilage production
  • Supports collagen production
  • Improves the health of synovial fluid

ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables)

  • Supports connective tissue regeneration
  • Supports healthy synovial fluid
  • Supports production of cartilage and reduces inflammation

HA (hyaluronic acid)

  • Promotes production of healthy synovial fluid which lubricates joints
  • Enhances elasticity of connective tissue
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Prevents cartilage deterioration

Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Slows down the loss of cartilage
  • Have pain relief effects

Overall Formulation

To supplement wisely for your pets, you have to be well informed. Just because a pet supplement is marketed as ‘natural’ doesn't mean it is harmless or effective.

Therefore it is crucial to do thorough research into what goes into your pets’ supplements and potential side effects if any.

Active Ingredients

A good pet supplement should have many active ingredients. Active ingredients are the components responsible for the specific health benefit you want to achieve for your pet.

Read the label carefully to see the amounts of active ingredients in the supplements. Always favor supplements with 100% active ingredients like TRI-ACTA.

High Efficacy

The effectiveness and safety of a pet supplement cannot be understated. An effective supplement should have proven results of potency.

One way of checking efficacy is by reading online product reviews, and veterinary and regulatory authority reports on the product.

Amount of Filler

Fillers are inactive ingredients added into a pet supplement for aesthetic and flavor value. Often these fillers include artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Fillers are added to give supplements a longer shelf life but have no nutritional or supportive value. Be partial to products with zero additives and fillers to give your pets the best.

Transparency in product labels

The pet dietary supplement market is a mind-boggling USD 1.9 billion industry. So you can be sure the marketing is fierce, with many pet supplement manufacturing companies promising the ‘miraculous’ benefits of using their product.

The supplement label should be straightforward and easy to read. It should indicate every active and inactive ingredient.

Reputable company

Choose supplements from companies who ethically source their ingredients. Reputable companies will have numerous positive customer reviews, have been around for a number of years, and are backed by veterinarians and trainers.

You can also consult your veterinarian to get their views on recommended brands.

Best Pet Joint Supplements on The Market

Mobility Concerns in Senior Pets

As pets age, the quality and quantity of synovial fluid decrease leading to stiffness and pain in joints when they move. Due to the effects of wear and tear, cartilage also deteriorates, leaving joints bare and without any shock absorber to support the movement.

Because of these challenges, senior pets require pet joint supplements that will promote cartilage regrowth and enhance synovial fluid quality to keep joints well ‘greased’ for easy movement.

A senior pet experiencing joint pain and discomfort will exhibit symptoms like

  • Stiffness
  • Preferring one leg to another
  • Lethargy
  • Refusal to engage in activities they had an interest in
  • Taking longer to rise from the floor

Here are select products loaded with potent ingredients to support your senior pet joint requirements.



  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases synovial fluid viscosity
  • Enhances healing process
  • Promotes protective response of joint tissue

TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets

Our maximum strength formula is optimally designed to accelerate the formation of cartilage, minimize inflammation, expedite the healing process, and improve joint conditions.


* Priced at $27.99 CAD as of November 2022

2. VetIQ Senior Care

VetIQ Senior Care

Image Source


  • Specially designed for older pets
  • Ingredients blended to target ageing joints
  • Fortified with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to help boost stamina
  • Blended together with ginseng to help increase energy and maintain a healthy immune system


*Priced at $12 CAD as of November 2022

3. VetIQ Arthriti-UM Advanced Care

Image Source

  • Made with a complex combination of active ingredients to support the overall health of joints and bones
  • Great for aging pets
  • Supports and maintains joint mobility by reducing inflammation
  • Enhances overall flexibility and health condition of your pet

* Priced at $22 CAD as of November 2022

4. Dorwest Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets

Dorwest Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets

Image Source


  • Made from sustainable ingredients
  • Contains the most absorbable form of glucosamine
  • Promotes the manufacturer of collagen and proteoglycans to support the production of synovial fluid
  • Enhances joint health by reducing inflammation
  • Suitable for all pet sizes


* Priced at $39.15 CAD as of November 2022

5. Seraquin

Image Source

  • Made for small dogs and cats
  • Reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain and discomfort
  • Relieves effects of arthritis and joint stiffness

* Priced at $39.28 CAD as of November 2022

Senior Pets Supplement Comparison

Name of Supplement


TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets

0.5-3g daily

VetIQ Senior Care

½ -1 tablet-Cats daily

1-2 tablets for dogs daily

VetIQ Arthriti-UM Advanced Care

¼-1 tablet for <20kg once daily

1-2 tablets for >20kg twice daily

Dorwest Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets

1-4 tablets daily


1-4 tablets

Proactive Measures for Younger Pets

Younger pets require a complete and well-balanced diet for optimal health and growth. In addition to regular exercise, adding a high-quality supplement supports the development of a healthy circulatory and immune system. This way, you can guarantee that your pet will grow into a healthy and robust adult.

Here are some effective joint supplements you can use with your young furbabies

1. TRI-ACTA for Pets

TRI-ACTA for Pets

  • Improves joint mobility
  • High-quality ingredients used with 100% active ingredients
  • Decreases joint stiffness and discomfort
  • Protects joint connective tissue
  • Maintains collagen health
  • Promotes growth and maintenance of healthy cartilage

TRI-ACTA for Pets

A proactive approach for developing and younger adult pets to maintain optimal joint health mobility, minimize inflammation and fend off age-related ailments.


* Priced at $23.99 CAD as of November 2022


2. Bonnie and Clyde Joint Health Supplement

Bonnie and Clyde Joint Health Supplement

Image Source

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Contains green-lipped mussels for promoting joint health and mobility
  • Enhanced with collagen peptides to support collagen formation

* Priced at $39.99 CAD as of November 2022


3. Kin and Kind joint Supplement

Kin and Kind joint Supplement

Image Source

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Supports joint and bone health
  • Gently reduces inflammation
  • Grain-free
  • Doesn’t contain artificial fillers, colors and preservatives
  • USDA Organic certified

* Priced at $17.49 CAD as of November 2022

4. Bonnie and Clyde wild Omega 3

Bonnie and Clyde wild Omega 3

Image Source

  • Great for circulatory and immune systems
  • Maintains supple and mobile joints
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Maintains eye and brain health
  • Contains natural vitamin E for muscle and joint health
  • Free from common allergens like soy
  • Lower in calories which is great for pets with weight problems

* Priced at $29.99 CAD as of November 2022

Name of Supplement


TRI-ACTA for Pets

0.5g -3g

Bonnie and Clyde joint health supplement

1-4 scoops

Kin and Kind joint Supplement

0.5-2 tbsp

Bonnie and Clyde wild Omega 3

1 pump of 8 oz bottle per 5lbs

1 pump of 16 oz bottle per 20lbs


pet joint supplement

Consider incorporating a pet joint supplement into the diet of your pup or kitty for purposes of maintaining a healthy life and keeping your pets feeling their best.

Avoid over-supplementing by speaking to your vet about which pet supplements can be taken in conjunction to prevent any adverse effects.

Take time and learn all you can about what goes into your pet's supplements to make the best choice for them. Find reputable companies that invest in quality ingredients and who genuinely care for your pet as much as you do, like Integricare.

Overall a well-balanced diet and frequent visits to the veterinarian are the best ways to keep your pets moving and comfortable.

For more information about Integricares’ joint supplements for your pets, browse our supplements collection.

TRI-ACTA H.A. for Pets

Our maximum strength formula is optimally designed to accelerate the formation of cartilage, minimize inflammation, expedite the healing process, and improve joint conditions.